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Are Anti-Theft Backpacks Worth It?

The reality is that preventing theft altogether is impossible. But there are a number of compelling benefits in owning an anti-theft backpack.

Hidden pockets and zippers and no access front

The best anti-theft backpack has hidden pockets to secure your passport, wallet, mobile and much more and the best part you can use hidden pockets without taking off your bag. It doesn’t have any access pockets in the front which make it difficult to do the theft, and you can be relaxed while travelling.

Integrated USB charging port

Nowadays we live our lives on social media. We work on laptops at office, home and sometimes outside. We need power to juice these devices. Power banks is a good option but carrying mobile, power bank, keys and other stuff in the hand, it becomes inconvenient. Some anti-theft backpacks have integrated USB charging port so that you can charge your gadgets on the go if that's your preference.

Water resistant and cut proof material

One of the most impressive attributes of an anti-theft bag is the material it is made of. A good anti-theft bag will be made of military-grade, extremely slash-resistant material that makes it nearly impossible for a thief to rip open quickly with a knife.

Remember, you can't plan for every mishap you might encounter while you are on a trip abroad. But what you can do is prepare for the what-ifs. When commuting by public transport or walking through crowded markets or travelling to a new place you can feel confident that your valuables have the best protection available. By far, one of the easiest ways to do this is to invest in at least one anti-theft bag for your global travels. Get one for yourself from and get your peace of mind back.



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