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The Best Wireless Chargers | New Zealand | Buying Advice & Reviews


Wireless Chargers have been around for about a decade now. Rest assured this technology is here to stay and grow. Why wouldn’t people love the idea of Wireless Chargers when it takes away all the mess of wires from your life and allows you to keep your devices charged by just placing them on a pad or slipping then into a car holder? That is why these products are more popular among the advanced consumers.

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Types of Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers come in a variety of shapes and forms to serve your needs. The three most popular categories of wireless charging technology are:

  • Wireless Chargers (pad/stand),
  • Wireless Car Chargers / phone holders,
  • Wireless Power Banks.

Below are some of the Best Wireless Chargers in New Zealand in all three categories.

Wireless Chargers (Pads/Stands)

If you need to charge your phone at home or at the office these are the chargers you need. You simply put your phone on them and it starts charging automatically. 

  1. Baseus Three Coil Premium Wireless Charging Pad - $55


This three-coil premium Wireless Charger pad 10W can charge your device faster than most pads you can find in the market. This Wireless Charger consumes less space, and the Type C output provides fast charging interface. Being incredibly efficient it has given a fair competition to Belkin BoostUp 10W Wireless Charging Pad ($89.95 at Harvey Norman) and it is kinder on your pocket. You will be happy to hear that it comes in an attractive dark grey colour and supports all Qi enabled (wireless) phones. Another advantage of it is that you can use it as a pad to put your phone onto or as a stand.

  1. Donut Fast Wireless Charger - $39

best-wireless chargers-2020

Here comes another intelligent wireless charging chip that supports multiple devices. This 10W powerful yet light-weight Wireless Charger pad has a maximum 112 grams weight and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from manufacturers. An alternative for this could be Mophie Universal Wireless Charge Stream Pad Plus 10W  retailing at Noel Leeming for $99 or Belkin Boost Up QI Wireless Charging Pad 5W for $49.

  1. Premium Wireless Charger: 3-in1 - $59


Here is the ultimate accessory for Apple® product owners! 

Get rid of loads of wires in your house by owning this premium 3-in-1Wireless Charger. The great news is that it can charge your iWatch, Smartphone, and Airpods at the same time without any cables. You can also use Airpods spot to charge another phone. Just make sure your wall charger is 10W minimum. This 18W Wireless Charger is made for people who love to have everything in one place, are in love with minimalistic style design. Another good option to consider is ALOGIC Wireless Duet Charging Station 7.5W from Noel Leeming at $79.99. 

Wireless Car Chargers / Phone Holders

Gone are the days when we need to carry charging cables on long journeys. There is no need to have them in your car now. Manufacturers these days have designed Wireless Car Chargers to simplify our lives. It means you can now enjoy full battery backup during longer periods of time without worrying about low battery issue. The Wireless Car Chargers can be placed on the dashboard, windshield or clipped in the air vents to ease your smartphone charging needs on the go. Below are some of the popular Wireless Car Chargers.

  1. Premium Wireless Phone Charger & Holder with Sensor - $69


Here is a 2-in-1 unit that works like a Wireless Phone Charger and at the same time can hold your phone in the car. It is designed with a strong grip and supports one-handed operation while driving. It's coolest feature is that it is equipped with a sensor that locks in your phone when you slip it in and when you need your phone only one simple touch of the sensor releases it. It has 360-degree rotation ability and supports three installation methods: dashboard, air vent and windscreen. This makes it a unique product since usually it is either air vent or suction mount. This Premium Wireless Phone Charger is rated high among other high end brands due to its space-saving design and reliable holder system, as well as infrared sensor feature. It is definitely a reliable product of great quality at a fraction of a price compared to bigger brands. 

  1. Baseus Premium Wireless Car Charger & Phone Holder  (Air Vent only) - $45


This Premium Wireless Car Charger and air vent phone holder can serve your power needs on the go. With linkage design and easy installation, it grips your phone from both sides to ensure safe one-handed operation while driving. The smart design is loaded with few additional features such as short circuit prevention, surge protection, temperature control, and built-in over-voltage as well. This Wireless Car Charger is loved by consumers around the world, and manufacturers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with this unit. You could go for Alogic Wireless Charger with Qi Technology Air Vent Mount which has got the same features mostly however the price is higher - $69.99 at Harvey Norman.

  1. Baseus Premium Wireless Fast Car Charger & Phone Holder  (Suction Mount) - $55


You can buy this affordable Wireless Car Charger online with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The most amazing thing about this product is its 1.4 times faster-charging ability as compared to standard Wireless Chargers. It supports charging of all Qi enabled smartphone models from Samsung, Apple, and Nokia as well. The suction mount with slip-resistant two-side grip ensures convenient and super easy one-hand operation. The special features of this Wireless Car Charger include surge protection, temperature control, built-in under-voltage and over-voltage, short circuit prevention, and many more.  This charger gives some serious competition to more expensive brands like Cygnett Race 10W Wireless Car Charger Mount which is available at Harvey Norman for $99.


Wireless Power Banks

Power banks are cool inventions. They allow you to stay free from all low battery-related issues by powering your devices on the go. Manufacturers these days have designed many unique collections in this category, and few of them are listed below with their incredible features.

  1. Baseus 10000mAh Wireless Power Bank & Charger - $60


Well, it is time to free yourself from the mess of wires and enjoy fast charging with wireless power banks. Even when you are away from home, these power banks can help you keep your smartphones active by providing easy access to extra power. This power bank is designed with Li-Polymer Battery and comes with a Type C interface. It offers PD+QC 3.0 fast charge feature along with LED display and full-screen charger. You can use it as a pad or a stand to charge your phone.

     2. Baseus Premium Wireless Power Bank 10000mAh - $65


This 2-in-1 product can work like a Wireless Power Bank plus Charger so that you can keep your smartphone’s battery full all the time. It allows users to charge 3 devices simultaneously. The 10000mAh battery backup is enough to serve you on the go, and the Li-Polymer Battery further ensures much reliable operation for the long run. Most of the consumers prefer this advanced unit due to its ability to charge multiple devices at a time. This Wireless Power Bank comes with a universal USB socket type, and manufacturers offer 12 months warranty on this product. Comes in black and white.

  1. Wireless Power Bank 10000mAh - $45


This Wireless Power Bank has gained huge popularity in New Zealand for its catchy design and reliable performance. It allows users to charge their smartphones via three different methods: Qi wireless input, USB Type-C input, and 2.1A Micro USB input. The 10000mAh battery power can serve you for several hours with a single charge. Note that, this power bank is currently available in three attractive colours as grey, white and black.

The Verdict

You have gone through the detailed review on the latest Wireless Chargers in New Zealand, and now you might be excited to buy one for your smartphone. Be sure to check the latest Go Wireless collection on  It's got latest Wireless Charging Pads, Wireless Car Chargers and Wireless Power Banks available in New Zealand. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised with competitive prices as well as free and fast delivery. Trendyful offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all these wireless chargers and ensures delivery within 2-3 business days throughout New Zealand.

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