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The 11 Best Cables & Chargers to Supercharge your Devices

The majority of us on this planet rely on electronic devices. Almost everyone in this generation possesses either a smartphone, laptop or tablet that is used on a daily basis.

With frequent usage, your battery will surely need juicing up. And in these modern times, many cellphones feature convenient wireless chargers.

However, charging cables will always be essential staples for every gadget.

You’ll need one at some point or another, that’s why it’s important to have a charger lying around. Also, cables and chargers are the most dependable option for powering up your gadgets such as your laptops and other devices.

It’s also important to choose top-quality cables and chargers for a stress-free charging experience. You will definitely need reliable and long-lasting products.

Here's a cable and charger haul so you can find the right gadget to supercharge your device.

The 11 Best Cables & Chargers Your Devices Need

When buying a cable or charger, you need to have a number of things to keep in mind. First, you have to know what kind of charging you need. Make sure what you’ll buy is compatible with your device.

Then you need to keep into consideration the material of your cable or charger. See the length, the durability, because you wouldn’t want to be attached to your device’s outlet all the time.

Lastly, you must check how your device receives power. Is the cable you picked universal or requires a certain adapter? Things like that.

So, chitchat ends here. Here are the best picks of cables & chargers for you. 

No. 1 – Microsoft Surface Charging Cable For Surface Pro 3 4 5 6 Go Book USB-C 15V PD

The Microsoft Surface Charging Cable is definitely a lifesaver for your devices. This cable is reliable when it comes to charging your devices quicker when plugged or even on the move with a power bank.

What’s great about this cable is it’s compatible with Surface Pro 3, 4, 5, 6 and Go. It connects to the proprietary “Surface Connect Port” that is usually found at the side of Surface Devices and the other end to the USC-C Wall Charger or Power Bank.

They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back.

No. 2 – Baseus Magnetic Ultra Fast Charging Type-C to Type-C 100W Cable 

It is a high quality woven Type-C cable capable of transmitting 100W of power for PD flash charging and super-fast data transfer.

The Baseus Magnetic Ultra Fast Charger is a Type-C cable that is capable of transmitting 100W of power for PD flash charging and super-fast data transfer. Built to last, the cable is reinforced at both ends and has copper cores that have been updated.

This Premium Zinc Magnetic Cable is very easy to use when you need to charge your laptop computer with a Type-C port.

It is also 100% compatible with all phones and tablets that have a Type-C port. As soon as you put the magnetic connector into your laptop, your laptop computer will be able to be charged instantly with magnetic power.

No. 3 – Baseus 100W 2M USB-C To USB-C PD Fast Charging Cable - Black, Support Up To 100W(20V/5A) PD Fast Charging

Here is another premium cable charger from the Baseus lineup that’s perfect for anyone who needs a longer connector. This fast charging cable is 2 meters long and supports USB-C to USB-C PD devices.

Type-C plugs into your laptop and you're ready to charge your laptop computer at a very high speed when the battery dies.

Baseus 100W 2M USB-C To USB-C PD Fast Charging Cable, Black, Supports Up To 100W(20V/5A). PD Fast Charging is different from many other cables because it can charge devices at up to 100W, or 20V/5A.

No. 4 – Baseus 20W Lightning Cable for iPhone to Type-C, PD Fast Charging Cable

This Baseus 20W Lightning to Type-C, PD Fast Charging Cable is a premium woven Type-C cable capable of 20W power transmission for PD flash charging and super-fast transmission. The cable is built to last, with reinforced ends and improved copper cores.

PD (Power Delivery) flash charging improves power delivery and increases the cable bus during use. This allows for increased voltage and current transmission up to 100W.

The power transmission direction can also be altered. Type-C defaults to 5V/3A. The PD procedure has upped this to a maximum of 100W. This means faster charging.

No. 5 – Baseus Magnetic Fast Charging USB-C to Lightning 20W Cable 

Another high-quality cable from Baseus is this Magnetic Fast Charging USB-C to Lightning 20W Cable.

This Premium USB-C to Lightning Magnetic Cable will become your most preferred everyday charging cable due to its high-quality construction, ability to quickly charge your devices and magnetic function.

No. 6 – Premium Magnetic Charging Cable 2 Meters

Due to its braided nylon characteristic, this UltraFast Magnetic Cable provides long-lasting and reliable use while protecting it from damage and fraying.

A special feature of this charging cable is that it comes with a variety of detachable USB heads that makes it compatible with different kinds of brands like iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia and more.

No. 7 – BASEUS Type-C to Type-C 60W Cable 

Another model for the Baseus line-up is this Baseus Type C 60W Cable.

This is a high-quality Type-C cable that can carry 60W of power for PD flash charging and super-fast transmission. At both ends, the cable is reinforced and has better copper cores. It's built to last.

If you want to charge quickly, this Type-C cable will work with PD 2.0 flash charging and QC 3.0 quick charging. It's been a while since the PD protocol came out, but now the maximum power has been raised to 100W. The result is faster and better charging.

No. 8 – Premium 3 in 1 Magnetic Cable | Micro USB, USB-C, Lightning 

It is far easier to connect and charge your smartphone (or transfer data) with this Ultra-Fast Magnetic Cable thanks to its magnetic characteristic, which can be achieved with a single movement of your hand.

You will truly appreciate it with its available changeable magnet head and length of 2 meters. Convenient for any device you have and charge anywhere you like.

No. 9 – 100W USB-C PD Charger

A single USB-C charger can now charge almost everything, reducing both the clutter and the size.

The all-in-one 100W USB-C fast charger is equipped with four charging ports, making it a terrific deal for anyone looking for a single, portable charger for their devices.

It offers an enormous 100W maximum power USB C charger which takes advantage of Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Aside from that, did we mention it has a 4 in 1 versatile charger for four devices?

No. 10 – Wall Charger | 65 Watt | 3 Ultra-Fast Ports 

Is your bag heavier than it should be because you carry around a lot of different ways to charge your electronic devices? Well, almost everything can be charged with a single USB-C charger now, which means less mess and less bulk.

The strong and practical 65W Wall Charger is equipped with 3 charging ports, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a single, portable charger for their devices at a reasonable price.

No. 11 – Baseus Type C Male to USB A Female Adapter 

The Baseus Type C Male to USB Female Adapter is a small and economical converter that provides a speedy and solid connection. It performs as if you were not using an adapter at all.

This adapter can convert Type C ports into a USB A port for connecting your hubs, keyboards, controllers, mice and more. It has a plug and play feature, so no need for installing software. Also, it offers rapid charging with its strong and durable connector. Totally a must-have.

Time to Juice Up 

Now that you got a gist on the best cables and chargers must-haves, you might opt quickly to get a hand on some. Not only will they make charging faster, but make your life more hassle-free.

With these guaranteed quality cables and chargers, every cent will definitely be worth it. So, go on and buy that cable or charger that will change your life.

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